Sunday, October 19, 2014

Give Forward/Sam's Only Option John Hopkins

My Brain is on Fire

 I am still seeking help, looking for the missing piece of the puzzle that will bring relief. Please visit our GIVEFORWARD page, donate if you can and Share, please SHARE.   

I have approached my son's illness from many angles. He was born angry. The same screaming frustration I saw as an infant lives in his persona today. I spent his entire childhood seeking help from medical professionals. I tried anything just so he would feel better and hopefully could enjoy his life like other kids. And No I did not beat my son, but a lot of kids with mental illness are abused. I read about the abuse every day and I was given advice to beat him so he would behave. My son was abused at school and by therapists! These "professionals" I paid to help my son resorted to physical violence because they had no idea what to do with a child whose brain is on fire. Looking back and knowing what I know now these photographs intensely describe the ongoing inferno in my son's brain.

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